The long term effects of anxiety can eventually lead to depression. This is why it’s vital to seek counselling for anxiety if life is becoming overwhelming. I offer tailored anxiety therapy for clients in and around Rochester and Medway.

Anxiety can have many symptoms including, but not limited to: confusion, lack of concentration, avoidance of everyday activities, disturbed sleep, panic attacks, problems with your bowels and numerous physical symptoms.

The very strong feelings experienced by anxiety sufferers can affect everyday life, causing confusion, avoidance of certain activities or places, irrational fear of almost anything. The effects on a person’s sense of self can be gradual and lead to depression.

The continuous experience of anxiety brings a distress about ourselves and a frustration about not being able to change or stop it. This brings feelings of confusion and we begin to develop internal thoughts about how we can control these experiences. Perversely trying to control can then lead to more feelings of being powerless to affect our feelings of anxiety.

Stress and feelings of agitation not taken notice of by ourselves, in our busy lives, can lead to anxiety and depression. Many people are not self aware and do not notice the onset of symptoms that they are experiencing. For some, anxiety has been with them most of their lives stemming from family development issues and a particular event or experience, pushing them into behaviours that begin to affect their previous control of emotions and responses of the body.

My Anxiety Therapy

In my many years of work in anxiety therapy, I have found that the therapeutic relationship of listening, positive regard and empathy enables the client to feel understood. For many, anxiety counselling is the beginning of understanding themselves and being able to bring empathy and care to their distressed inner selves. In this way clients can begin to nurture change and bring some experience of relief. The addition of other self care elements such as mindfulness classes, massage therapy, exercise, and journalling complements the therapy.

I have been able to support change in many who have had severe depression and anxiety, to move forward in their lives, enabling them to restore their relationships, careers and finances.

Please contact me for more information on my anxiety counselling services in Medway and Rochester, and to discover how I can help you take the first step on the path to a happier you.