Child with behaviour problems

My work and training in social work has given me a great deal of experience and information in assessing and working with families who find the behaviour of their children difficult or overwhelming. From my premises in Rochester, I am able to offer effective counselling services for difficult children and those who are exhibiting challenging or antisocial behaviour.

There are many reasons why children can become difficult, and it is my experience that in helping them to understand why the child is behaving as they are brings not only relief, but also a way forward that changes that behaviour. Internalised frustrations and harboured emotions can be explored using a variety of counselling techniques that enable the child to open up about their feelings and actively address what is troubling them.

Difficult behaviour can be defined as the following:

  • Not sleeping
  • Not eating
  • Not responding to discipline
  • Hurting parents or siblings
  • Not managing school
  • Being clingy
  • Fear of something

My Approach to Counselling Children

When counselling children, I work with the child and the main caregiver, and in some cases other important caregivers or teachers. It’s vital that every person of importance in the child’s life has a thorough understanding of the counselling process that’s taking place, and is aware of how they themselves can support the child and their parents.

To learn more about my approach towards counselling for children in Rochester, contact me today. I will be happy to discuss your needs and suggest ways we can move forward together.