My sessions are 60 minutes long. I charge £70.00 an hour for individuals, £80.00 for couples.,£100.00 for family groups of 3 or more.

To book your first therapy session with me, you will need to pay via bank transfer and then I will confirm the time/date and give you my full address.
This payment is non-refundable.

My Mother and baby assessment is £80.00 an hour, a home initial assessment is £100.00.  If you live more than 20 miles from the Medway town it will be an extra cost depending on the distance needed to travel.

Please note: Counselling works most effectively with weekly sessions.

Cancellation Policy
I have a standard cancellation policy for the counselling profession.

Cancel within 24 hours of your session you will still need to pay for your session. Outside of this time if you cancel and make a further appointment you do not need to pay. If you cancel and do not make a further appointment you need to pay half your session fee.

I do have some concession prices, this is a controlled number but please let me know if you have some difficulty that I need to know of.

Counselling is a highly effective way to bring sustained relief and change to your situation. Most people come for at least 5 months and some need more to enable them to function differently in the world. I have many clients who are doing long term work for many years. They see this work as essential as paying for gym membership or insurance.

Your work with me is confidential and only two exceptions apply.

1. If you lead me to believe that you are about to harm yourself.

2. If in the course of our work you lead me to believe that a child has been harmed or will be harmed.

If this occurs we will speak about it immediately and I will expect you to take some form of action with my support.