Most people will experience some form of depression in their lives. If you have had depression then you will know the feeling of lethargy, isolation and negativity it brings to your life. Depression makes it hard to think about the smallest things or make decisions. It affects your sleep and appetite and how you think about yourself. For all of these reasons, addressing the root cause of these thoughts and feelings through tailored counselling for depression is the first step to a happier, more fulfilling life.

The causes of depression are multiple and as individual as each person. Depressive patterns are often a learned automatic response to the difficulties and stress of life. With the development and understanding of neuroscience, we are learning that patterns of responses developed in early life or out of traumatic experience can be understood and new automatic responses developed in the brain.

Learning to be more open to yourself, reflective of your internal world and understanding of your pattern of response to stress, often through effective depression counselling from my premises in Rochester, can bring changes in the automatic response systems of the brain.

Through therapy, I can help you move beyond the debilitating effects of depression and find a way to not experience it again. The answers to your depression are inside yourself and together we can enable you to understand and bring relief to you in new ways. These new ways, once learnt, will always be available to you.

The process of therapeutic intervention and support is not a quick one, but it can be a permanent one. Contact me for more information on counselling for depression in Rochester and Medway, and discover how I can help you become the fullest version of yourself again.