Mother and child

I have a passion to help mothers connect with and to have a positive bond to their babies and toddlers.

Offering full mother and child assessments and effective counselling for parents and children, I have had the great joy and privilege to work with and enable mothers to discover the truth about themselves and their children.

Difficulties with pregnancy, birth and the immediate hours after birth have often deeply traumatised these mothers at a time when they are at their most exposed and vulnerable.

The social norms of becoming a mother and giving birth create an atmosphere of expectation that means they become fearful and feel unable to speak about the difficulties they are having. Many mothers do not realise that they can be helped and have an acceptance of their experience of being impossible to change.

Often fathers and extended family can sense something is not right but feel unable to speak about it to the mother who is often very tired and distressed.

My experience over the years of working with many mothers who feel guilty and ashamed of the negative feelings towards their babies and toddlers has affected me deeply. These mothers feel isolated and try to hide the many negative feelings that they have towards their children. Some have spent years trying to hide the fact that they feel inadequate and fail as mothers. They are often overwhelmed with thoughts that their baby or toddler does not like them, that these children are difficult and moody only with them.

Mother and Children Counselling

Frustratingly, most of the mothers I have worked with have not come for support until things feel really bad, usually when their baby has become a toddler with the usual tantrums. This phase of development often creates a crisis that leaves mothers even more convinced of their failure, and feelings of shame are increased.

The good news is that there is a way forward to enable change and freedom from shame. Counselling for mothers and their children can help you realise that much has happened to create this negative view and pattern.

You can experience the freedom to love and receive love, and joy at the connection and the bond you have not previously experienced. This can be found in therapeutic relationship and assessment of the unique mother and child relationship that you have.

With my specialist Child Development training and social work background, coupled with my degree in Person Centred Counselling, I can offer therapeutic work, mother and baby assessment with hands on support and advice. Using infant observation techniques I can develop a plan for you and your child that will enable greater connection and understanding of your child. Or, where required, I can offer ongoing mother and children counselling.

In this way we can banish fear and shame, and move forward with confidence and love that will bring the freedom to be the mother that you were always meant to be.

For more information on the mother and child assessment, or to explore counselling for mothers and children, please contact me directly.