Please contact me on the phone number or email if you have any interest or questions about Pesso Therapy Group work. (See contacts page)
I run my regular day groups every 2/3 months and will be starting retreats this year for a few days of therapy away in the relaxing countryside.

About Pesso Therapy
Developed by Al Pesso and his wife Diane Boyden Pesso, they co-created Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP), a unique contribution to psychotherapeutic healing. This is a body-based psychotherapy using the possibility sphere to create a new symbolic, satisfying embodied experience to release and antidote the history of the client.

It uses a space and place in time called a structure, in which the client is accommodated by using persons who become ideal figures. These figures directed by the client and the therapist together provide a reversal of old memories and an antidote. Which is a completely new bodily experience event, which can then be held alongside the real history, at the right age and by the right kinship figure.

The therapy shows significant healing of the past emotional deficits, by the creation of new memories, experienced with the eyes, ears, and body of the client. This ends in a reversal of childhood neglect, trauma or other challenging experiences. This embodied experience is immediately taken in by the brain and can be mindfully placed alongside the original hurt or want.

Such reversals create new symbolic experiences of Ideal Parents, who say and do the longed for action the client needed as a child or young adult. Re: An Ideal mother and Ideal Father who would look at the client and say “If we had been your Ideal parents we would have always known who you were, we would have always protected you and cared for you”. In this way the wants of loneliness and not being protected In childhood are changed, healed and reversed in the brain and the core self of participants.

Things that 1st time group members have said about their experience!!

“It was a privilege to take part in other people’s structures”

“It was so moving to see people receive what they needed”

“It was surprising how much love and care I felt from the group”

“I felt safe and really held emotional by everyone”

“Great experience of being in group therapy for the 1st time”

Here is some information about the expectations of you in the group

Time 9am for 9.30am start. Finish 6pm-6.30pm.

We will have a short lunch break of 30 min and 2 tea breaks. I will provide tea, coffee and various nibbles to have at all breaks. Please bring lunch for yourself if needed or something to add to the table.
The plan is to use the time to provide 5 full structures (personal therapy), and to have time for questions and thoughts about the method. We will use a lottery system to choose who receives a structure if there are more than two of you at any opportunity. It is hoped that each group will be 8 in number and have at least 2 men in each group.
The expectations of you on the day is that you would be happy to enroll as an Ideal figure for those having a structure. (you will be completely directed as in what is required) Please let me know if this is a problem in any way. You would still be part of the group but for planning purposes I need to know I have enough Ideal role figures. We also have some participant observer places for each day if you wish to just come along and join us with no structure (personal therapy).

This is in many ways a physical activity so comfortable loose clothing is advised, you will be getting in close contact with other group members.

About me
I am a trained practitioner of Pesso Therapy. I have attended 3yrs of training courses in Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor Therapy here in England. As part of this training and towards my own personal growth, I have also attended 4yrs of Pesso Group Therapy myself.

Pesso Boyden Training Institute UK
BA (Hons) in person centered counselling – Middlesex University, London
Diploma in Social Working – Canterbury Christchurch University
Advanced Childcare Award – Canterbury Christchurch University

Member of Social work England Reg:SW45057