It has been my experience to work with many single people in their 30’s to 50’s who are lonely and have tried to date via dating sites, only to become more and more despondent about themselves and ever being able to finding a partner.

It’s difficult to date! And for some, putting themselves out there can feel embarrassing, which can in turn lead to the individual feeling lonelier.

But singles counselling can work; I have seen this with my clients.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies and cannot see our own worth, let alone promote our value to a stranger when dating. Self-awareness is the key and for some, self-development – but most of all, singles counselling can help us to understand that we sabotage ourselves by prediction. It is normal for us to predict the outcome of many things from the everyday to the extreme. However, when it comes to our self, to love, to that elusive partner we are more likely to be predicting with old and past views of our self or of the opposite sex. This is also made more negative by the assumptions we are making from the response to us on such sites.

It does not need to be like this. Let me help you find your way through and in the process become more at ease with yourself and not afraid to show your real self. Once you have undergone singles and dating coaching and fully explored these aspects of self-sabotage, when you actually meet with another person you will be able to shine through your anxiety and fear.

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