Online counselling, especially therapy delivered via Skype, enables me to help clients who may not be able to reach me otherwise.

Skype counselling allows you to receive expert guidance without the need to physically travel to my premises in Rochester. It’s a practical, and often more discreet, way of seeking support for those who may find a face-to-face experience daunting or uncomfortable, particularly in the early stages of the counselling process.

I can deliver virtually all of my counselling services – from anxiety and depression therapy, all the way through to family, couples and mother and child counselling – through the power and convenience of the web. The personal element of the therapy is not lost via Skype, yet you will still gain clarity and reassurance from a counsellor with many years’ experience in addressing a wide range of issues.

I can offer a few counselling sessions via Skype for those of you who travel a lot, or whose work restricts the times that they are available, such as shift workers.

Please contact me to discuss my online counselling services further. You will need a safe, quiet and undisturbed place from which to Skype, along with a good internet connection.