diversity-02We are all different. Our family of origin is unique with its own unique culture that we are used to and do not question, one that we take into our relationships and external life.

In working with clients from diverse cultural heritage in my counselling experience, I have come to understand that my person-centred approach enables me to navigate the differences which are felt by me and the client. Because my model of working requires me to be led by the presence, energy and expression of the client, I am able to work with the many and varied ways that people bring themselves into the counselling room.

My self-reflective practice means that, if needed, I am able to congruently speak of difference and enable any issues of cultural sensitivity to be understood by me and the client when counselling the culturally diverse.

I am always aware that I will learn a lot from these clients and I need to be open to learn what it means to them to be in the situation that they are in. My general approach towards cultural counselling of this nature requires me to have an “as if I was in their shoes” sense of them. It’s perfect for working with cultural difference, as well as any other diversity.

People who move to this country to live, train and settle down can find that at times it can be very difficult to deal with the diversity they bring to the work place, and in the society they have settled in. When those of other cultural heritage have problems in their marriage or family relationships, they very much need to have a therapist who can understand and learn about the particulars of that culture and its effects on the resolution of these problems.

Other areas of diversity that I work with are sexuality, gender, disability, sexual dysfunction and addiction. Contact me to discuss my cultural and diversity counselling services in more detail.